Highlights and shadows of Tuscany

Trip continues in Orcia Valley...

And we are immediately surrounded by farm houses, the masters of these heights , encircled by characteristic rows of elegant cypresses.

Observing them close up, they almost look like orderly rows of butlers leading us toward the farmhouses. We would love to discover the history of each of them-some at least are certainly medieval in origin-and get to know the people who live in them. For now, they remain but very beautiful images that we wish to make available to you by publishing them on this site. It is tourism in the Tuscan countryside and nurtured by these unforgettable places that we invite you to discover.

Continuing our journey to the north, from the Orcia valley we reach Montepulciano , a fortified city crammed with history and tradition that welcomes us festively, the flags of its neighborhoods flanking its windows. The roads that unfold around the city are called "wine roads" and it is right here that Tuscany introduced us to another of its peculiar characteristics: flavors.

The street that leads us up across the city to Montepulciano's main square or "piazza" is full of shops, bars and inns offering samples of the products of this land. The virgin olive oils and wines, first of all, but also the cheeses and desserts.

We are struck by the extreme care that went into their production and presentation; tourism probably plays a part in creating the space and a reason for this extreme dedication to detail.

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