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Driving in Italy:

The various cities and towns of Italy are connected by over 300,000 km (185,000 miles) of roads. This includes 6000 km (3700 miles) of the AUTOSTRADA or motorway. Tolls that vary according top distance must be paid. Salerno–Reggio Calabria, Palermo–Catania and Palermo–Mazara Del Vallo stretches are toll-free. The secondary roads need no tolls and are really very good. Road signs are international. Many petrol stations are closed from noon to 3pm. Visitors are advised to check locally about exact opening times. More information on the Italian motorway network is available from the Societa Autostrade (

Traffic regulations: Italy, like many other countries of Europe has its traffic driving on the right. Speed limits are 50kph (30mph) in urban areas, 90/110kph (55/65mph) on country roads, 130kph (80mph) on motorways. Un-dipped headlights are prohibited in towns and cities, but are compulsory when passing through tunnels. All vehicles must carry a red warning triangle, available at border posts. If you are fined the fine amount will have to be paid on the spot. Where ever you are in Italy, if you have a breakdown, just dial 116. Inform the operator where you are, your plate number and type of car and the nearest Automobile Club of Italy ( office will be informed for immediate assistance.

Car hire: International and Italian firms offer self-driven hire service in most cities. The rates and conditions vary. With some companies you can book this service from your own country, through the company agent or the air services. Cars can only be booked locally, and small firms are usually cheaper. It is possible to contact these agencies either at the air port or at the Information Counter of your hotel.

Other car rentals:

Avis has offices in Rome at 38 Via Sardegna (tel: (06) 4282 4728; fax: (06) 4201 0282) or 1231 Via Tiburtina (tel: (06) 413 0812; fax: (06) 413 1414 or 413 1778).

Hertz are located at Ciampino Airport (tel: (06) 7934 0616; fax: (06) 7934 0095).

Many special-rate fly/drive deals are available for Italy.

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