Highlights and shadows of Tuscany

We like to begin our Travelitaly tours from this region, so sweet and special at the same time, cradle of little farmhouses and vineyards: this more than anywhere else is where country tourism really started and it is able to reward visitors from all over the world with unique sensations and flavors.

The Tuscan landscape, outlined by the harmonious interweaving of hills that look like waves lets itself be shaped by the light. The clouds, alternately light and shadow, complete the harmony and make it unforgettable.

The images that have struck us are innumerable, striking places we would like to tell you about. We ran into Pitigliano , a rocky and majestic town that rises up supremely over an area teeming with vegetation.

We discovered it almost by chance: it jumps up suddenly from around a curve as you drive along the road into the interior of the area around Grosseto where Tuscany borders on Lazio and takes on some of its influences.

From here, as we move on across the Orcia valley , the landscape of hillsides softens as the vegetation gives way to plowed fields and vineyards, fields groomed with incredible dedication capture the eye and make the road that crosses it even more beautiful.

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