The best months in which to visit Italy are through April to July, and again in late September and October.

Traveling will be pleasant as the climate is mild during these months, and the crowds are not so intense.

You can find some very good lastiminute offers and bargains too! 

The summer months from July to mid September is the time when the country is filled with tourists, with August being the worst and most expensive month. The country is then hot and crowded, besides this, August is the time the entire country goes on vacation. Many Italians take the whole month off.

Many hotels, restaurants, and shops are closed (except at the spas, beaches, and islands, which are where 70% of the Italians head to).

During the winter months many of the attractions available in summer go on shorter hours.

It gets very cold and may even snow. Many hotels and restaurants take this time off and the spa and beach destinations become padlocked ghost towns.

The High season on most airlines' routes to Rome or Milan is from June to the beginning of September. This is the most expensive and most crowded time to travel.

The Shoulder season is from April to May, early September to October, and December 15 to 24.

In this season you will like "off the beaten path" itineraries, such as Piedmont (Langhe), Sicily or Umbria.

You can never now how many undiscovered beuties there are in Italy...

The Low season is November 1 to December 15 and December 25 to March 31.

This is the cheaper season but often time won't be sunny. Maybe you can find rain and fog.

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