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What to bring in Italy

Of course, it depends on the period. The best months in which to visit Italy are through April to July, and again in September and October.
Traveling will be pleasant as the climate is mild during these months.

Formals, for both Gents and Ladies, are essential if you intend visiting Italy’s churches. Beach and Sports wear if you are going to the sea-side or intend to partecipate in any of the sports and activities offered by the resorts and hotels. Warm clothing for those visiting the Alps along with your ski gear (winter).

A Travelitaly check list is given below for your convenience:

1. Travelers cheques and credit card? Note the numbers (Credit card PIN numbers) and keep the documentation separate.
2. Safe place for money and valuables.
3. Did you bring your Passport/ID cards that you may find necessary?
4. Check all your emergency drug prescriptions and extra glasses and/or contact lenses.
5. Documentation and evidence for your electronic tickets.
6. Leave a copy of your itinerary and hotels with a relative or friend.
7. Check the travel advisories and get the address / phone number of your countries embassy in Italy
8. Get the address and phone number of your countries embassy


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