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Italy is one of the most favourite countries among the tourists of the world, expecially for its culture and art.

Its landscape and architecture, the piazzas and monuments suggests a surfeit of style, a feast to gratify every one of the tourists’ interests.

Whether you visit the italian cities or choose to explore the beautiful countryside you are sure to experience both the physical and the ambient atmosphere of the history of Italy.

The colours of the countryside, especially that of the Tuscan (crete senesi) scenery, Lakes (lake como) and the magnificent Alps, all remind you of a glorious past, while the bustle and lights of the famous cities brings you right into the reality of the exciting present.

Rome, Florence, Venice, Amalfi, Pisa, Siena and so on – all are places that immediately warm the visitors’ heart and soul. The museums and churches on the streets, the gondolas floating on canal grande's waters, the glittering hotels and the café’s all guarantee to satisfy the soul of the most visitors.

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