Sant Francis of Assisi - Umbria


Umbria: land of quiet spaces and silence

2/3 days itinerary

Places: Assisi, Gubbio, Spello

Main history:

Saint Francis of Assisi

Written by: Beo (c)

What would Umbria be without the yellow of its wheat, without the green of its forests, or without its fields of sunflowers?

And yet in winter this little Italian heartland is as if transfigured by fogs, snow and above all silence .

The most daring tours, far from the voices of summer, become adventures for whole people again, and move down from the eyes to the heart.

This may be why we want to begin our excursions by visiting the places that most speak to us of the great son of this land, Saint Francis of Assisi.

Assisi, then. Or maybe not.

It's better to begin from the end: from Santa Maria degli Angeli , where a disproportionately large basilica for the village and for everything else in Umbria encloses in it the Porziuncola, the chapel Saint Francis chose as his home and where he founded his order.

And he died here. Anyone who prays at the Porziuncola will be heard, it is said. We will not leave without saying a prayer.

We can now move on to Assisi.

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Narni, Assisi, Foligno, Spoleto, Cittą di Castello, Norcia, Gubbio


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