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Arezzo Guide

Arezzo, Tuscany, was a central constituent of the Etruscan confederation of twelve cities, it was then known as Arretium. In 1289 Florence defeated the cities armies at the battle of Campadino, after the Ghibelline medieval commune offended the Florentine Guelfs. But in more recent times the city became famous as the setting for Roberto Begnini’s oscar winning film La Vita è Bella (Life Is Beautiful). Arezzo has the satisfaction of knowing that it is home to a large number ofculteral masters.

Sights of interest Arezzo

Anfiteatro Romano - Arezzo

An elliptic Roman Amphitheatre (early II cent. AD).
Information: Via Margaritone, 10 - Tel. 0575/20882.

Badia SS. Flora e Lucilla - Arezzo
The church, which dated back to XIII century, was completely transformed by Vasari in mid-XVI century. Notable the dome with a trompe l'oeil fresco by Andrea Pozzo (1703).
Information: Piazza della Badia, 3 - Tel. 0575/356612.

Basilica di San Domenico - Arezzo
The late XIII century church houses the famous Crucifix by Cimabue (XIII cent.).
Information: Piazza San Domenico, 7 - Tel. 0575/22906, Fax 0575 300940

Basilica di San Francesco - Arezzo
Description: Tuscan Gothic church, late XIII century, houses the famous fresco cycle of The Legend Of the True Cross by Piero della Francesca (XV cent.).
Information: Piazza San Francesco Piazza San Francesco -Tel. 0575/20630, Fax 0575 293870

Casa di Francesco Petrarca - Arezzo
Once a Renaissance building rebuilt after the War. It celebrates Francesco Petrarca who was born in Arezzo in 1304. Now it houses the Accademia Petrarca di Lettere, Arti e Scienze.
Information: Via dell'Orto, 28 - Tel. 0575/24700 - Fax 0575/298846

Cattedrale di San Donato - Arezzo
The late XIII century Gothic church, decorated with splendid stained glass windows by Guillaume de Marcillat (XVI cent.), houses the beautiful fresco of Santa Maria Maddalena by Piero della Francesca (1460).
Information: Piazza Duomo - Tel. and Fax 0575/23991, Access for the disabled

Chiesa della SS. Annunziata - Arezzo
On the original design by Bartolomeo della Gatta later completed by Antonio da Sangallo il Vecchio, the church has a stone façade and inside a lunette on the right is a fresco of the Annunciazione by Spinello Aretino (XIV cent.).
Information: Via Garibaldi, 185 - Tel. 0575/26774,

Chiesa di Santa Maria delle Grazie - Arezzo
Description: A beautiful Renaissance church with a portico by Benedetto da Maiano. In the interior are a fresco of the Madonna della Misericordia by Parri di Spinello and a frame and altar by Andrea della Robbia (XV cent.).
Information: Via S. Maria 1 - Tel. 0575/323140

Fortezza Medicea - Arezzo
A Medici fortress by Antonio da Sangallo

Pieve di San Paolo - Arezzo
The church, documented in 1031, was rebuilt in the XIII century. It contains frescoes of Aretine school of the XV and XVII century. Information: Loc. San Paolo - Tel. 0575/315115,

Pieve di Santa Maria - Arezzo
Romanesque church with fine colonnaded facade. The interior contains a polyptich of Madonna e Santi by Pietro Lorenzetti (1320), and a wood Crocifisso painted by Margarito (XIII cent.).
Information: Corso Italia, 7 - Tel. 0575/22629

Pieve di Santa Maria Assunta - Arezzo
Romanesque church with simple façade.The interior, one nave with transept and three apses, houses XV century frescoes of Aretine school.
Information: Loc. Chiassa Superiore, 1 - Tel. 0575/361319, Access for the disabled

Pieve di Sant'Eugenia - Arezzo
A few Km from the city centre, the church, which is documented in the year 1000 and often reshaped in the centuries, used to be one of the most inportant pievi in the province.
Information: Loc. Bagnoro - Tel. 0575/365012

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